Taste Of Honey Workshops

Let's tap into a powerful and nourishing source of healing, creativity and connectedness: OUR BODIES.

Welcome to the Taste of Honey 

Taste of Honey is a collection of 75-minutes online introductory workshops where you will learn simple-yet-powerful tools and techniques that will help bring your mind and your body together so you can experience more ease, joy and health in your life.

Whether you are brand-spankin’-new or an advanced self-care practitioner, you will learn simple yet powerful tools and techniques that will add freshness and fun to your practice.

"What a lovely session. I enjoyed it very much. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed and centered I felt after what seemed like a relatively simple exercise. Appreciate you Ladan and all of the great energy of the attendees."



 Taste of Honey Workshops

Our classes and experiences include movement, body-centered mindfulness, sensory activation, visualization, ancestral connections, inquiry and reflection in a welcoming, engaged and supportive community.

These are not your typical virtual workshops. 

These are body-centered mindfulness sessions. Expect to leave your screen, get out of your chair, and take up space!

Your Body Can Help You Stop Overthinking


Is your mind running on overdrive? Feeling sluggish and disconnected? Can't relax? You’re certainly not alone and yet it doesn’t have to be this way. The majority of us are equipped to meet our lives fully at any given moment. For this to happen, it’s critical that our minds and bodies work in tandem. After all, we are *one* being. We can best meet the challenges in our lives from a place of balance.

Join in this 75 minute workshop where you will tap into your body’s innate ability to help restore your equilibrium. Using body-centered awareness, movement and refocusing techniques, you’ll gain tools to quiet the overthinking mind and restore mind-body balance. With this balance restored, there can be more feelings of ease and trusting of yourself, no matter the external circumstances.


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How to Find Your Center in Unstable Times

As the global pandemic continues, we are learning to live through unprecedented uncertainty and instability. While our external environments may feel topsy-turvy, it is possible to live from a place of stability and calm. Let’s explore and practice together.

Join us in this 75 minute workshop where you will learn a step-by-step technique that can quiet anxiety and restore calm. You’ll leave the workshop with tools for cultivating a sense of groundedness and stability within. Session includes breathing techniques, body-centered meditation, and guided visualization connecting us to natural elements.

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How to Find Happiness in Difficult Times

We all want to be happy—in fact, all beings do. Science shows that happy people live longer, more productive and healthier lives.

In difficult times, happiness become more elusive and hard to find and even harder to maintain

But what if you’re able to find a pure and always-accessible source of happiness right inside you? What if all that you needed to do was to look within yourself to find the happiness you’ve long been searching for?

In this 75 minute workshop, you will learn a simple yet powerful technique for locating the source of happiness inside your being, no matter what circumstances you’re facing. You can find this natural joy again and again by reengaging with your curiosity and a sense of play.


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"Now I consciously think about making the choice to move toward something that provides greater comfort or enjoyment or ease and recognize that I'm doing so. I've engaged in mindfulness practices of various kinds over the years but they didn't have this hook that seems to have stuck with me."



Meet Your Guide, Ladan

Ladan is the Founder and teacher at Honey in the Temple and is a trained Healing Circle Facilitator. Ladan has brought together many aspects of her 15+ years of meditation, somatic practice, Buddhist studies to form Honey in the Temple. Ladan’s inspiration in creating Honey in the Temple is to share with others the joy and liberation she has discovered in her pursuit of what lays beyond suffering and pain. She brings her own flavor and alchemy to create a playful, warm and nurturing environment where everyone is invited and encouraged to find their innate wisdom and joy by reconnecting with themselves and their world. In addition to being a mindfulness teacher and embodiment practitioner, Ladan holds an MFA in Creative Practices from Plymouth University in the UK.