Honey in the Temple is a series of virtual and in person experiences. These consist of workshops and gatherings, where we explore our inherent goodness by waking up to the abundant joy, wisdom, connectedness and playfulness of our bodies.

Becoming grounded in this awareness of our inherent goodness is what helps us feel sane & confident despite our times, potentially unhealthy patterns, and habits of hiding and fear. In the workshops, we find joy and clarity through embodiment, somatic and awareness practices.


These include: meditation, breath work, movement, sensory activation, visualization, ancestral connection, ritual and direct experience of the natural world. We will also journal and share insights, ideas, and reflections in community.

Honey in the Temple

In each of us, we carry a wise, powerful and capable being. Our physical form is a manifestation of our innate  goodness. It is our connection to both the physical as well as the spiritual world we are a part of. 



Online and in-person experiences that utilize mindfulness and body-centered practices to guide participants in rediscovering their innate happiness, creativity and well-being.  




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What the Buzz is All About


I feel more of a connection to the language of my body and a desire to listen to it. There is a calmness that I feel when I decide to do that. I also always feel better when I remember to move my body in ways we practiced to get unstuck.


Finding connection to people who feel and heal in similar ways. I don't feel alone and even when I'm not in HIT and enjoy my move time, I feel the connection with the bees.


I have appreciated the mindfulness movement processes you introduced with heart and enthusiasm. It is a treat to share this with the community while also being on my own.