Monthly Healing Circles For Women

A monthly space for women that fosters compassion, empowerment, and the reclamation of joy in our bodies.
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Why Do Women Need Healing Circles?

For many of us women around the globe, our bodies have become sources of danger, shame and “otherness”. This has led us to either disconnect from our bodies or manipulate it to conform to someone else's wants and needs. In the process, we have been cut off from a great source of the inherent wisdom, joy and healing powers we are born with. The cost of this severing continues to hurt women now and into the future generation. It also robs others and our planet from women bringing their whole beings to the table.

But we can do something about this right now. We can begin healing our relationship with our bodies, for ourselves, for one another, for all future generations and for our planet.

What is a Healing Circle and what can I expect from this experience? 

Healing Circles are a space for our bodies to be seen and heard in the ways that feel good, in the ways that bring healing. Through these circles we cultivate trust and connection with ourselves and with one another. This is a nourishing embodied practice, where we will move and experience our bodies while also exercising deep listening and witnessing. 

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Our Healing Circle meets 3rd Saturday of each month.

Space is limited to 10 attendees.

February 17, 2023

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March 16, 2023

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April 20, 2023

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on days i could not move

it was women

who came to water my feet

until i was strong enough 

to stand

it was women

who nourished me 

back to life

sisters - rupi kaur

Meet Your Guide, Ladan

Ladan is the Founder and teacher at Honey in the Temple and is a trained Healing Circle Facilitator. Ladan has brought together many aspects of her 15+ years of meditation , somatic practice, Buddhist studies to form Honey in the Temple . Ladan’s inspiration in creating Honey in the Temple is to share with others the joy and liberation she has discovered in her pursuit of what lays beyond suffering and pain. She brings her own flavor and alchemy to create a playful, warm and nurturing environment where everyone is invited and encouraged to find their innate wisdom and joy by reconnecting with themselves and their world. In addition to being a mindfulness teacher and embodiment practitioner, Ladan holds an MFA in Creative Practices from Plymouth University in the UK.

At Honey in the Temple, our work is founded on the idea that to be of help to others and our world, we must begin by helping ourselves.

Through our workshops and gatherings, Honey in the Temple offers science-backed mindfulness and movement teachings that support letting go of unhelpful patterns and stepping into our wholeness.