What Our Alumni are Buzzing About


"What a lovely session. I enjoyed it very much. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed and centered I felt after what seemed like a relatively simple exercise. Appreciate you Ladan and all of the great energy of the attendees."


"I needed to get back in touch with the power and pleasure of my BODY and get out of the chaos of my mind. I desire a lighter life at this phase. I have gathered tools from Honey in the Temple that are practical AND practicable. In other words, I can and will use these tools because they make sense to me and don’t require any special equipment, etc."


“Amazing! Awesome! Healing! Inspiring! And fun, too!”


“A very warm and supportive environment for self-examination, learning, and sharing.”


"I feel more connected to self in both tangible and invisible ways to the other women in my group as well as the world around me. And I LOVE the blend of grounding, talking, action/exercises in real time, and reflecting. Brilliant mix."


“I was missing connection and a practice that connects my mind and body. I was feeling stagnant and movement sounded perfect for this time… 1) generous and effervescent facilitator. 2) This amazing group of lovely people. 3) Learning something new… HIT is for everyone and I'll recommend to friends!”


“It was especially great to come away with a few small gestures to bring with me out into the world to remind me of how it felt to be that open and connected to my body. And beyond the practices themselves, I definitely feel nurtured by the wonderful people and loving energy of the Hive. I am so grateful for the whole HIT experience! The community aspect is so important, and it was such a treat to spend time with people I love but don't see often enough (and see them opening up through the practices), as well as coming to love new folks.”


“Finding connection to people who feel and heal in similar ways. I don't feel alone and even when I'm not in HIT and enjoy my move time, I feel the connection with the bees.”


“Ladan did an excellent job of explaining and presenting techniques and making sure sessions stayed on track for the topic and timing. Each week built on the other to offer techniques to connect mind and body in a way that helped me calm anxiety and be more aware of where I hold tension and stress.”


“I have appreciated the movement processes you introduced with heart and enthusiasm. It is a treat to share this with the community while also being on my own.”