Foundational Series Workshops

Reconnect to your body as a source of power, joy and wisdom and reclaim your right to feel good exactly as you are.

Welcome to our Foundational  somatic mindfulness classes -- a collection of virtual programs that focus on the intersection of embodiment, mentorship and community.

Within each of these unique programs, you can expect to:

  • Participate in 3 live, online workshops where you will explore a range of techniques and practices, which will help reunite and realign your connection between mind, body and spirit so you can experience life with more ease and joy regardless of external pressures and unwanted events.
  • Engage in accessible, practical, trauma-informed classes designed to meet you where you are at, which includes movement, body-centered mindfulness, sensory activation, sound making, visualization, ancestral connections, science, inquiry and reflection in a welcoming, engaged and supportive community.
  • Be welcomed into a safe and expansive space to learn and grow alongside a curious, supportive and playful community (yes we have FUN) - one that is committed to a joyful and creative approach to body-centred mindfulness.

"I feel more connected to self in both tangible and invisible ways to the other women in my group as well as the world around me. And I LOVE the blend of grounding, talking, action/exercises in real time, and reflecting. Brilliant mix."


Feature Series

Making Friends With Ourselves

Returning Summer 2022

Most of us know what it means to be a good friend - honest, kind, appreciative, supportive, loyal, trustworthy, non-judgement, forgiving, interested, funny, etc.. In good friendships, we can even open up to hearing something we don’t like about ourselves because we feel loved and accepted. We feel like we can show up without hiding parts of ourselves or pretending to be something we are not. In short, we feel accepted, which makes us feel safe and loved. 

Brain science shows that when we feel safe, we heal. We become sound and healthy again. From this state of balance and well-being, we can then see situations more clearly and respond to them more accurately with less fear and anxiety getting in the way. Then we can experience our natural joy, confidence and compassion and we can share that with all other beings. 

It all begins with developing a sense of maitri (sanskrit) or otherwise known as friendliness towards oneself - Body, mind and spirit.

In this workshop you will:

  • Establish an immediate sense of friendliness towards yourself within the first few minutes of our session with the help of your body.
  • Learn how curiosity, humor and a light touch are the key ingredients for creating safety.
  • Learn the modern science of the ancient wisdom of the Friendliness Practices.
  • Get out of your critical and repetitive thinking mind by engaging your body first through movement and somatic, body-based awareness practices.
  • Learn how friendliness towards yourself helps you work with pain and difficult emotions. 
  • Learn the ancient practice of  “unconditional” friendliness that creates a sense of safety and relaxation. 
  • Learn about the research-backed health benefits of loving-kindness meditation done for just a few weeks.
  • Gain a collection of tools that you can employ to return again and again to the natural warmth, relaxed and wakeful qualities (aka: friendliness), that are innate to you and all beings.

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Session 1

Friendship towards ourself begins with making space and paying attention to ALL our felt experiences without judgement.  

Session 2:

Healing begins by getting to know our pain with more than just our thoughts. The body is multi-lingual.


Session 3: 

We have an abundance of what it takes to help ourselves, other beings and our planet. By befriending ourselves, we naturally decrease aggression and create more space for compassion.

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Upcoming Summer & Fall of 2022 Series

Finding Goodness in our Bodies

Coming Summer 2022

Feeling good is critical to our ability to heal and thrive. While “feel good” is a unique feeling for each of us, as animals, feeling good is how we know we are doing well and heading in the right direction. When we feel good and our bodies are in alignment with our minds and spirit,  we are naturally more joyful, content and at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. The impact of this state of sustained being can be life-changing…it allows us to live longer, more successful and healthier lives in connection with self and community. 

Most of us in the modern world have become estranged from our bodies. We perceive our bodies mostly as machines that we maintain in order to do, to achieve, or to get from point A to point B. For many of us, feeling our bodies without altering or ignoring it is a foreign idea (maybe even scary at times). When was the last time you really felt your body and connected with your body without asking it to do something or judging it or altering it? What would happen if we began relating to our bodies differently? What if instead of falling into the trap of feeling bad in and about our bodies, we focused our attention on what FEELS GOOD in our bodies?

In this small group, (virtual) setting you will:

  • Establish a connection with your body by looking and listening  
  • Recognizing all sensations in your body including pain, numbness and pleasure 
  • Learn about the power of transformation through movement and repetition.
  • Discover your own expression of what good feels like and develop it into a language that you can return to strengthen and get stronger with. 

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Opening to Our World through Our Senses

Coming Fall 2022

How often do you find yourself so caught up in your head that you can't remember how your last meal tasted or how you got from Point A to Point B? Or you find yourself working on a project or trying to solve a problem, but just can’t bring a fresh perspective to it? It feels like often, we are sleep-walking through our days, right?  

The good news is that we can wake up at any moment by paying attention and connecting to our SENSES. When we remember to tune into our senses, the world comes to life as vivid and rich. Routine and boredom loose their grip and we experience the freshness of each moment and everything we interact with. Being refreshed in this way breaks our cycles of over-thinking, negativity, feeling blocked and exhaustion which naturally leads to increased energy, clear thinking, creativity and enjoyment.  

In this small group, (virtual) offering you will:

  • expand and deepen your connection with your 6 senses of sound, smell, sight, taste, touch and kinaesthesia through isolating, activating and heightening each sense individually. 
  • learn how you can integrate your findings into any 'real-life' challenges or blockages you are facing.
  • go beyond your usual tendencies to ignore your sense perceptions and begin to experience your senses as highly nuanced, clear, curious and powerful gateways to understanding and experiencing your life. 
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 A generous and open-hearted community awaits to welcome you in your wholeness.

We are explorers, committed to making our journey our own, brining a sense of humor, play and curiosity. Music, stories, time for integration and a solid plan for our time together, all make our session fun and relaxing.

What you can expect from these experiences: 

  • An environment that brings a sense of warmth, inclusivity, humor and letting go of becoming too precious or dogmatic in our sessions.
  • A focus on voice-guided practices and experiential practices requiring minimum on-screen time, and maximum connection with community and self. 
  • A personalized portal that includes: Advanced syllabus and session prep instructions and a post-session recap of exercises and downloadable guides.
  • Recordings of the live sessions on demand for up to six months.
  • An invitation to join our Monthly Alumni Hive Gatherings.
  • An invitation to join our private Alumni Facebook group where you can continue learning and being in community with the Hive. 
  • Priority registration and special discounts when available to future program.

"Ladan did an excellent job of explaining and presenting techniques and making sure sessions stayed on track for the topic and timing. Each week built on the other to offer techniques to connect mind and body in a way that helped me calm anxiety and be more aware of where I hold tension and stress."


Meet Your Guide

Ladan Yalzadeh

Ladan is the Founder and teacher at Honey in the Temple and is a trained Healing Circle Facilitator. Ladan has brought together many aspects of her 15+ years of meditation , somatic practice, Buddhist studies to form Honey in the Temple . Ladan’s inspiration in creating Honey in the Temple is to share with others the joy and liberation she has discovered in her pursuit of what lays beyond suffering and pain. She brings her own flavor and alchemy to create a playful, warm and nurturing environment where everyone is invited and encouraged to find their innate wisdom and joy by reconnecting with themselves and their world. In addition to being a mindfulness teacher and embodiment practitioner, Ladan holds an MFA in Creative Practices from Plymouth University in the UK.