About Ladan Yalzadeh

Ladan is the Founder and Instructor at Honey in the Temple, a co-founder and a teacher at Contemplative Creativity Lab as well as the co-founder of Authentic Presence - Authentic Action. Ladan has brought together many aspects of her years of meditation, Buddhist studies, various spiritual journeys and creative practices to form Honey in the Temple (HIT). Ladan’s inspiration in creating HIT is to share with others the joy and liberation she has discovered in her pursuit of what lays beyond suffering and pain. She brings her own flavor and alchemy to create a playful, warm and nurturing Hive environment where everyone is invited and encouraged to find their innate wisdom and joy by reconnecting with themselves and their world.

Ladan is Iranian-American, born and raised in Tehran until the age of 16, when she and her family immigrated to the US. She has lived, studied, made art and worked around the globe, including in India, Chile, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Mexico and the US. 

Ladan also works in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space, with a focus on highlighting the vast histories, wisdoms and contributions of various cultures and communities to society.  She is the facilitator of the monthly Shambhala Seattle BIPOC Mediation sits. She is a  meditation instructor and also a Contemplative Arts teacher. She holds an MFA in Creative Practices from Plymouth University.

If she had to choose something that brings her the greatest joy, well that’s not possible, so here are three: liberation from suffering, community, all things nature and her teachers/guides along the path. Okay--that was four…